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KRAIBURG all-inclusive service

We can help you to set up a state-of-the-art precure retreading factory. Naturally we take account of your specifications, making optimum use of the available premises and seeking the best possible solutions in terms of logistics and engineering processes.

  • KRAIBURG produces a layout of the plant providing the necessary data on energy needs (power, air) and supply points.
  • KRAIBURG-Anlagenbau (our plant engineering service) can construct the plant if required.
  • If you wish, KRAIBURG arrange for the retreading plant which it has supplied and assembled for you to be started up by engineers from the machine builder and the KRAIBURG Technical Support Centre (TSC).
  • The KRAIBURG Technical Support Center (TSC) will provide a regular maintenance service for the retreading plant we have supplied. In the event of a breakdown, the plant can be repaired quickly by engineers from the machine builder or KRAIBURG.
  • KRAIBURG can arrange for the TSC to provide on-site training for your staff. It is also possible to arrange preparatory training with one of our existing customers.
  • KRAIBURG provides assistance in dealing with technical queries as they arise and helps find suitable solutions to problems.
  • KRAIBURG provides brochure material and tread lists.

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Complete Plant Service
Dirk Rau
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