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We train you and your team. In your company. Anywhere in the world.

KRAIBURG Austria will provide you and your team with training at your premises, wherever you are in the world. We have an experienced team of professionals who plan, organise and run workshops and seminars. The following subjects are on the current programme:

  • Basic know-how on truck carcasses
    This workshop covers a wide range of issues relating to truck carcasses with theoretical and practical exercises. Participants can use what they learn to carry out visual inspections of carcasses for retreading and to assess tyre damage.
  • Tread application training for users
    This workshop covers precured treads and application recommendations. Theoretical and practical exercises will help participants to use their knowledge to provide application-related advice.
  • Automotive engineering
    The influences of axle arrangement, geometry and additional units (e.g. retarders) on tyres and running performance are illustrated using popular truck configurations.

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