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EM retreading is a highly specialised skill requiring extensive expertise. One important aspect is that the high demand repeatedly leads to supply shortages in the EM tyre industry. Different approaches may need to be taken depending on the facilities and equipment available to the retreading company, the economic circumstances in any given case and other factors, such as casing availability. Once again we are the business partner you need - whatever the method:

Precure retreading:
With this method it is possible for tyres of totally different dimensions to be given different treads and cured in an autoclave. The main advantage is that this method does not require any major investment. The stress on the tyres and their sensitive carcasses is also kept to a minimum due to the relatively low temperatures in contrast to mould cure retreading. The precure method thus prepares the tyres for a long and successful life the second time around in a heavy-duty environment subject to the toughest of conditions. We supply segments for precure retreading in a range of patterns with EM tyre compounds developed in-house - naturally for different sizes of tyres including 25" and above.

Mould cure retreading:
This method involves placing an uncured tread on the pretreated tyres. The required pattern is then added during the vulcanisation process in the heating mould.

Smooth & groove retreading:
The entire surface of the pretreated tyres is covered with an uncured compound if the smooth & groove method is used. The required pattern negative is cut out with a special knife before curing in the autoclave.