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K_side technology – Individual sidewall for Precure Retreading with or without curbing band

The application of K_side technology enhances the look of precure retreads to a Standard comparable with new tyres. The inscription fields can be changed, allowing the side wall to be customised.

The rubber compound was developed especially for the side wall matrix and its resistance to high temperatures allows very long curing times.

K_side is available in three different versions: BASIC, PREMIUM, PREMIUM+

Tyre dimension K_side without scuff rib K_side with scuff rib
275/70 R22.5 X X
295/80 R22.5 X X
315/60 R22.5 X X
315/70 R22.5 X -
315/80 R22.5 X X
385/65 R22.5 X -