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Technology line K_tech

Our technology line K_tech has real inner strength and a winning formula. All 17 designs in this range prove their ability to handle critical applications like trailers, series 60 and winter tyres. The compound has a very high proportion of natural rubber and boasts low rolling resistance, low glass transition temperature, and high resistance to cuts and tear propagation. Its performance comes very close to the level of the previous KRAIBURG premium line.

K_tech can offer tremendous potential in terms of operational safety and reliability. When used on trailers, the K_tech tread is ideal for the low tyre volumes, high axle loads and high operating temperatures combined with lateral forces. With series 60, K-tech demonstrates similar resilience, withstanding the limited reserve capacities of the casings, low diameters, enormous torque levels and often critical tyre pressures. And K_tech is perfect for the winter, boasting high tread flexibility and interlock even in extremely low temperatures, as well as low susceptibility to heating up on dry road surfaces at high average speeds.