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K_wide technology - one step wider

Steering tire casings offer after buffing only a reduced building width compared to traction tires, especially with a heavy shoulder wear or a design with open shoulders of the original tire. In cooperation with VMI-AZ a technology were created which make a wider shoulder possible. To create it is important to use a CTC-Extruder and a K_wide kit.

KRAIBURG has developed a special compound tobuild up the tire shoulder: AK01.

Only this new compound combines in an ideal way the material properties of a standard cushion gum with the physical requirement for the shoulder build-up, an
absolute must for the K_wide process. The KRAIBURG AK01 compound is available in all common feeding-strip dimensions. It fully replaces the Standard Cushion Gum for the CTC-Extruder, even if no shoulder build up is desired or necessary.


Extensive tests have proved that retreads produced with K_wide Technology meet the product verification standards of the ECE-R 109 regulation as well
as they cope with all dynamic forces on the tire in application.

Maximum additional width 25 mm

KRAIBURG primarily recommends the application of the K_wide option to traction tires with tire sizes:

Tyre dimension
315/80 R22.5
315/70 R22.5
305/70 R22.5
295/80 R22.5
275/70 R22.5