Worldwide Contacts

worldwide contact

The current situation in Austria, Europe and the rest of world clearly reveals which professions are indispensable to the rest of society. In addition to the system-relevant occupational groups of doctors, nurses and supermarket cashiers, these also include truck drivers. They sit behind the wheel daily for hundreds of miles to maintain the supply chain and provide the people and industry with everything that they need. The European transport companies are there when their country needs them even in times of crisis. It is hard for anyone to imagine life without the trucks.

The world would come to a standstill within hours.

It is all the more important to pay tribute to everyone responsible for maintaining the flow of goods, drivers, freight forwarders and dispatchers, and to provide them with the best possible support!

Safe supplies within Europe

With our production within Europe and our worldwide sales offices, we offer the right local contacts for fast and uncomplicated supplies of premium materials for tyre retreads.

Austrian Quality Products

For many years now we have been a specialist for retread tyres and one of the most important suppliers for tyre material and branch-specific problem solutions of all kinds. Our top priorities are: safety, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability. These properties are noticeable in all KRAIBURG company processes and products. Our business partners also benefit from our sophisticated service. And, of course, from our new slogan: DRIVE IT. AGAIN.

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Economically and safely to your destination

Whether with K_base, K_plus or K_tech – the “heroes of the road” benefit not only from the long life of the KRAIBURG design but also from the optimum grip that they bring onto the road. On the drive axles of the truck or on trailers – with the fuel-saving and high-mileage tyres, the truck drivers always reach their destination cheaply, quickly and safely. In addition to the economic advantages of a “multiple life strategy” the use of retreaded tyres is sustainable and kind on resources.