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Newsletter June 2022

K708 successfully passed tests on E-buses in Scandinavia


Our K708 design launched in July 2021 achieved excellent performance results in the course of comparative tests carried out in Scandinavia. We tested tyres of size 295/80 R 22.5 used on electronically driven articulated buses in urban local public transport. Several vehicles in different regions were fitted with different bus designs on the drive axle. The end result: In comparison with similar products which KRAIBURG recommends for urban applications, the new K708 was able to achieve an up to 30 per cent higher performance!

KRAIBURG Austria recruits double reinforcement

We have two new members of staff since the beginning of May: Anel Kubat supports our Sales team. The qualified retail salesman has years of experience in the automotive trade. He has broadened his business know-how in the course of extra occupational studies. Kubat is taking over various sales duties in the field of tyre applications. Among other things, these include support to our retreading partners as well as regional area responsibility.

Christian Wolf will now be reinforcing our product management team. The qualified master vulcaniser has many years of experience in the retreading sector and has already worked in production, as store manager in the tyre trade as well as a key account manager in Sales. His job is to process knowledge of our products in operation and to make a contribution to market enlightenment. The information gained from direct customer contact will then be incorporated into the further development of our product portfolio.

We warmly welcome our two new colleagues and wish them all the best and lots of success!

Consistent pursuit of the environment strategy

The superior goal of the environment strategy introduced by us last year is the improvement of our environmental performance. The focus here is on both the consumption of energy, raw materials and resources and the avoidance or reduction of emissions and waste. The following measures show how we implement the strategy. We have increased the photovoltaic area five-fold, for example, to almost 3,000 square metres. Together with the electricity which we produce with our own combined heat and power unit, we now generate a third of our required electricity ourselves. We get the rest as green power.

KRAIBURG Austria makes another contribution to the environmental balance with its membership in the GPSNR (= Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber). All of the participating companies there undertake to improve the social, ecological and economic sustainability of the global supply chain for natural rubber. We already procure a good 90 percent sustainable natural runner through the GPSNR.

We are also working on solutions for continuous reduction of the CO2 value. On the basis of the Science Based Target (SBT), the volume of emissions is to be determined which must be reduced to achieve the 1.5 degrees goal of the Paris Agreement. KRAIBURG Austria wants to have defined and started implementation of solutions for this in the second half of the year.

“Despite all the current challenges, we are firmly determined to implement our environment strategy fully as planned,” Stefan Mayrhofer, Managing Director at KRAIBURG Austria stresses. “We simply ow it to future generations.”

Newsletter June 2021

Introduction of the EMAS III environment management system

The subject of sustainability and resource conservation is not new for KRAIBURG. As a material manufacturer for the retreading shops, we are by definition an active contributor to the recycling of used tyres. Our waste is passed on to affiliated factories for further recycling. But we do not want to leave it at that. Due to the increasingly urgent climatic challenges as well as new business models, a more comprehensive consideration of the environmental performance and the associated reorientation of environmental policy has become imperative for KRAIBURG Austria.

In the course of this reorientation, we have identified central subject areas based on which current and future measures are directed. The overall goal, to improve environmental performance, is to be based on the premise eliminate – reduce – compensate. The focus here is on both the consumption of energy, raw materials and resources and the avoidance or reduction of emissions and waste. We want to take our employees on board with specific training and further training possibilities in order to anchor sustainable thought and action in the company.

A first milestone towards implementation of the new environment strategy is the EMAS III certification, which we successfully completed at the end of April. This is an EU environment management system (Eco Management and Audit Scheme), based on ISO 14001. “The introduction of an environment management system in accordance with EMAS III creates the necessary structures for achieving our ambitious goals,” our Managing Director Stefan Mayrhofer comments. The Environment Officer Gerold Schachner and his team are taking care of the implementation.

Perivallon – the new “solution” for the water-based solution

Today, retread companies are facing great challenges with the continuously increasing demands on operational reliability, worker health and safety and environmental protection. These especially include the classic spraying or coating solutions for hot and precure process. With “Perivallon”, KRAIBURG Austria is launching a water-based solution onto the market for the first time. This offers both ecological and economic advantages over the established solutions containing solvents.

The new Perivallon contains no solvents and is therefore much less harmful to the environment and employees. There is no need for expensive ADR transports and storage facilities; the disposal of empty containers is no problem. Plus the fact that the applied quantity of Perivallon needed results only one tenth of the conventional solution, which reduces storage space by 90 per cent. Maintenance and cleaning costs of spray booth, spray guns and filters are much lower. Since no more vapours that could be harmful to health or the environment occur, an extraction device is recommended, but is not essential. Furthermore no official permits are required.

The application is extremely simple: Perivallon is available in 20-litre canisters. Stirring or shaking is only necessary after long standstill times. It is applied using its own spray system including the appropriate spray head, which ensures optimum dosing. Perivallon appears on the carcass initially as a whitish, milky film, which becomes transparent within the five to eight-minute drying process. The ideal temperature range for the application is 15°C or slightly above. Perivallon is available from March to the end of October. Protected from frost, it can be stored for nine months. Interested? Then please contact your sales representative to fix an appointment for a demonstration effected by our Technical Service.

Two new K_plus designs for bus and winter use: K708 and K727

It is important that city buses run on schedule in all weathers. Our new K708 pattern therefore convinces with its modern design, including an optimised sipe arrangement, which ensures good grip on snow and ice and prevent sawtooth formation. This guarantees trouble-free passenger transport under all weather conditions. The arrangement of the tread blocks also reduces the noise emissions in operation. The rounded and closed shoulder protects the tyre from shoulder damage by snagging and kinking. The K708 is available from July in widths 240, 250 and 260 mm. The tread depth is 22 mm.

The new K727 traction tread promises safety by good grip in wintery road conditions, from the first frost to the last snow in spring – with the deep, special grooves, an aggressive shoulder and extreme block stability, the K727 scores high marks in all extremes. Its high stability and excellent travel comfort ensure safe driving even under the most difficult weather conditions. In addition, the K727 offers high mileage as well as excellent damage resistance. You can order the 20 mm deep, spikeable tread in the widths 260 and 270 mm from us from July.

Newsletter March 2021

PROMOL: New release agent in use in two variants

Some of you may have already noticed: We no longer have our proven release agent for cover systems and moulds, LEVAFORM SI-V, in our portfolio since February. Its successor is called PROMOL and is available in two variants.

The new envelope release agent carries the product name PROMOL 1265  and is available immediately. This is a silicone-free, watery emulsion which must be stirred well before use. PROMOL 1265 is diluted with condensation or distilled water in a clean vessel made of corrosion-resistant material in the ratio of 1:7 (1 part PROMOL 1265 + 7 parts water, gives approx. 2.9 % active substance). The inner and outer envelopes are either sprayed or coated with the solution before use.

The new mould release agent is now available under the product name PROMOL PK. The watery emulsion containing silicone has no corrosive effect and forms a homogeneous film on the mould surface. PROMOL PK is absorbed well by the rubber compounds during vulcanization; the tendency for mould contamination is therefore low. The release agent enables an even flowing of the compound in the mould and prevents formation of creases (water cracks). The product lends the finished vulcanizates an attractive matt gloss and pleasant surface feel. The diluted emulsion is sprayed onto the hot mould before every heating cycle. The ideal PROMOL PK concentration for use must be determined on site and depends on the individual application conditions (form geometry, viscidity of the compound). Promol PK will be available from mid-April.

Detailed information about this can be found here.

Newsletter December 2020

KRAIBURG nominated for the first RECIRCLE AWARD in two categories

Next March, the Retreading Business professional medium is awarding the Recircle Awards for the first time. These are intended to honour sustainable innovations, production processes, management and services in the tyre retread and recycling industry.

KRAIBURG is nominated, together with other candidates, in two categories:

  • Best tread supplier                                                            
  • Best PR campaign (animal tracks)

The public poll to find the winners in the respective categories will be running until the 5th of March 2020.

If you would like to take part in the poll, you can do so by clicking the following links:

We would be very happy to receive your vote in both categories. The prize winners will finally be announced on the 15th of March 2021. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Newsletter October 2020

Winter tyre recommendation 2020/21

With regard to the incipient winter tyre change business, we expressly remind companies with bus and haulage fleets among their customers that buses and commercial vehicles in goods traffic must be equipped with winter tyres at least on the front steering axles in addition to on the permanently driven axles in future. The winter tyre obligation for steering axles applies since 01/07/2020 and became a traffic rule with the amendment of the German Road Traffic Regulation (StVO) and Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) which came into force per decree already on 01/06/2017.

The new ruling applies for vehicles of the classes M2/M3 (mobile homes and buses with more than 8 seats up to 5 t/buses over 5 t permissible maximum mass) as well as N2/N3 (vehicles for goods transport between 5 and 12 t/over 12 t permissible maximum mass).

We would also remind you in this context that tyres for cards, light trucks and trucks (new, retread or used, including all-season tyres) as of production date 01/01/2018 (DOT 0118) are only considered as winter tyres when they are labelled additionally with the snowflake symbol (3PMSF/Alpine Symbol/Mountain pictogram with snowflake) in accordance with ECE-R 30, 54, 108 and 109 in connection with ECE-R 117.

Winter Tyre recommendation 2020/21

KRAIBURG has planned and installed a new hot retread plant for its Bulgarian partner Medina-Med

We have played a decisive role in the long-time success story of our Bulgarian customer Medina-Med for almost 25 years: KRAIBURG accompanied the installation of the first retread plant for cold retreads in 1996. Various other projects were handled jointly in the years that followed. In 2019 we took over the planning and installation of the new truck hot retread plant, a 1.3 million Euro project subsidised by the EU. Training of the team has been on the schedule of our Technical Service for the last few weeks. "We are happy to now be able to supply Medina-Med with our high-performance compounds for the hot retreads of their own REMEDINA brand in addition to our KRAIBURG treads," says KRAIBURG Managing Director Stefan Mayrhofer. A new buffing machine and an EM-autoclave are being added to the existing EM-plant to ensure quality and competitiveness.

"We are convinced that KRAIBURG makes no compromises in quality. By their participation in the European legislation committees, KRAIBURG are also active in the drafting of new standards and specifications for products and processes. With KRAIBURG by our side, we feel well-equipped for the future,” Medina-Med owner Ivan Panchov sums up.

Medina-Med was founded in 1992 by Ivan Panchov and his wife Iliana in Stara Zagora. In addition to the retread plant, Medina-Med also has a network of eleven service stations nationwide, employs 211 people and achieved annual sales of 35 million Euro in 2019.

Newsletter May 2020

Roll On - We are contributing to keeping goods traffic in Europe rolling

The Corona crisis presents a challenge for almost all branches and markets in Europe and the rest of the world. But tyres are system-relevant products. They ensure, for one thing, that goods transportation can be maintained and that supply chains are not interrupted. They therefore contribute to securing basic supplies to the people.

We at KRAIBURG Austria have responded as early as possible to the challenges associated with Corona – with the aim of ensuring that you all get the desired quality material as usual on time and service-orientated. Hereby, for us, protecting the health of the staff always has top priority! KRAIBURG pays strict attention to compliance with the extensive catalogue of measures of course.

We have already adapted our production capacities to the current demand situations and are working continuously in two-shift operation. The demand varies in the different regions of Europe at the moment depending on the extent of the crisis. Whilst we see clear recessions in Southern Europe which the pandemic has hit severely, Northern and Central Europe seem to be getting through the crisis better at the moment.

The good news: A total collapse has not been registered anywhere so far. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who are staying loyal to us even in this unprecedented situation! Once again, it proves to be true that real partnership, mutual respect on equal terms shows itself especially in a time of crisis.

Luckily, we were able to disperse initial uncertainties regarding the delivery situation because goods transportation throughout Europe has remained largely without restrictions. The same applies for our raw materials supply which was at no time in danger.

Realising the opportunity that the crisis offers

We expect the demand for high-quality tyres to increase in the coming weeks and months and that there will be delivery bottlenecks due to the temporary production stop in parts of the new tyre industry in Europe and at the Asian tyre manufacturers. We see an opportunity here for quality retread companies whose products can score high marks in such a scenario with availability and delivery capacity. We all remember the year 2011 in which this was exactly the case. Ensuring this delivery capacity at the right time for our customers is, in our opinion, one of our central tasks in the current situation.

KRAIBURG Austria supports emergency rescue with FFP3-masks

Apart from our contribution to goods transportation, we are also providing active help in ourregion. Our Product Manager Christoph Priewasser recently handed over a 230 mouth nose masks to the Red Cross Braunau. These are so called FFP3-masks that are used exclusively in the medical sector and offer maximum infection protection. These are an extremely scarce commodity at the moment and are being offered on the “free market” at exorbitant prices. We have partly drawn the masks from KRAIBURG’s own stocks to make our contribution to maintaining the rescue service in the Braunau district.

Newsletter March 2020

New edition of the pattern list 2019/20 even more customer-friendly

We have optimised the new edition of our pattern list  again by popular customer demand. It now makes handling even more efficient for you: The 21 top sellers in the portfolio are still described in detail at the beginning, subdivided for bus, mixer application, trailer and traction and augmented with additional information on fuel efficiency, winter compatibility and use on wet road surfaces.

New: In addition, these tread patterns are now also listed in the chronological general overview of the treads which makes the selection of the desired design easier to handle and saves tiresome leafing through. The latest pattern list contains a total of 51 treads including the widths that have been added to the range since the summer of 2019 of course.

Reissue of the AIS poster

We have reissued our AIS poster for the first time again after several years. The poster shows the assignment of the patterns to the different areas of application at a glance and has proven to be a useful aid for production and sales The AIS posters are on their way to you.

Expansion of the range also a focal point in 2020

We have received frequent inquiries from customers in the last few days why KRAIBURG will not be further expanding its product range in future and no longer investing in new designs. Please note: If anyone is spreading such information, then it is fake news.  

The truth is: We are currently working on a number of new designs as well as on a new production process for moulds. We will be publishing the results in due course. In this context, we would like to remind you of the last product that we launched onto the market, such as K718 and K818 which have already proven themselves successfully in many different applications.

Design competition in cooperation with the TU Potsdam

To ensure that our products are not only right out in front in performance and quality, we recently announced a design competition at the TU Potsdam. The task for the students was to create innovative and attractive designs for treads and side walls. The competition was supervised by Prof. Jörg Hundertpfund and two assistants. There were ten participants altogether whereby some of the students submitted more than once concept.

To give all the participants in the competition an insight into the subject of tyres and retreads, they were invited to visit a German retread company. In addition to a tour of the company, the students presented initial ideas and sketches based on which technical questions could then be clarified. Decisive for the evaluation was the balance between innovative and refreshing design and functionality of the concept. Because of the high quality of the submitted suggestions, the second place was awarded twice.

In addition to the competition prize money totalling 2,000 Euro we also invited all four prize winners to Geretsberg last December. The aim here was to develop and further refine the winners’ ideas. As a final step, it is planned that the winner, Borislava Dimitrova, will carry out further work on the designs in the course of a five-month internship at KRAIBURG Austria in order to present a finished concept tyre. To be continued...

Newsletter Dezember 2019

Compulsory winter tyres for steering axles

The law on compulsory winter tyres for steering axles on buses and trucks in goods transport is coming into force in Germany on the 1st of July 2020. We have already pointed out at various opportunities that these vehicles must be also be fitted with winter tyres on at least the front steering axles in addition to the permanently driven axles in future.

The new rule applies for vehicles of the classes M2/M3 (mobile homes and buses with more than 8 seats up to 5 tons / buses above 5 tons permissible total weight) as well as N2/N3 (vehicles for goods transport between 5 and 12 tons / over 12 tons permissible total weight).



Mixed tyres on commercial vehicles in other European countries

As we have already reported several times, some or our European neighbours handle the subject of mixed tyres on commercial vehicles and buses differently to Germany for example.

Whereas all mixed tyre configurations are allowed de facto in Germany for all commercial vehicles and buses with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 tons, this issue is assessed differently in other European countries based on the directive (EU) 458/2011 (subsequent regulation to the EU directive 92/23 which expired at the end of 2017). This prescribes that only tyres of the same type per axle are permissible!

The tyre type is defined in the EU directive by the size designation (dimension), the speed and load index, the design, the tyre manufacturer or the trademark and the type of use (tread pattern version).
It is essential that you alert your customers active in international goods traffic to this situation to save them from having to pay sometimes substantial fines in other European countries.

Want to find out more? Your KRAIBURG partner, the colleagues of our sales team, will be glad to provide you with detailed information.