The right tread pattern for every kind of use

KRAIBURG Austria’s retreads will keep you safe on the roads in winter too

Whether you want retreads, for a car, a truck, an earthmover or for industrial vehicles, for use on asphalt, rubble, gravel, sand or snow – KRAIBURG Austria provides the right tread pattern and the best possible compound for every use and field of application! The company combines 75 years of experience in developing tyre compounds for pre- and hotcure retreading with a quality-oriented corporate policy focused on sustainability. This means that KRAIBURG Austria’s retreads will keep you safe on the roads in winter too. For optimum mileage, winter treads are best fitted in autumn. The KRAIBURG Austria range offers around 50 de­signs, each with M or S marking, i.e. suitable for use in Central European or Scandinavian weather conditions. As required by law, all KRAIBURG truck winter treads show traction and braking properties that are at least 25 percent better than the standard reference tyre – benchmark for all tyre and tread manufacturers – and thus bear the 3PMSF (= 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake or ALPINE) symbol. “At KRAIBURG Austria, we also recommend a minimum tread depth of ten millimetres on the drive axle of heavy commercial vehicles in winter conditions,” says Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager KRAIBURG Austria. “This is the best way to ensure winter suitability.”


Best possible traction design: the K727

One of the retreading specialist’s winter top sellers is the K727. Originally developed for use in regional traffic, this traction design has also proven its worth over long distances due to its good mileage. Deep and specially formed grooves in combination with a particularly aggressive shoulder design provide the K727 with the best possible traction properties even under extreme winter conditions – from the first ground frost in autumn to the last snow in spring. The design is resistant to damage and prepared with stud holes for fitting spikes.

TYLOGIC brings greater safety and economy

KRAIBURG Austria is launching a new, brand-independent tyre pressure monitoring system onto the market

For decades, hot and precure retreads with KRAIBURG material have ensured all vehicle fleet companies efficient and economical operations. Now, the retreading specialist is offering custo­mers another tool which brings even greater economy and safety: TYLOGIC. The newly developed, web-based tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) reliably detects gradual or abrupt pressure loss, possible mechanical dama­ges to axles or brakes of the truck or the imminent end of the regular tyre mileage. It warns drivers and fleet managers immediately when deviations or problems occur and prevents a drop below the recommended tyre inflation pressure of more than ten percent from going undiscovered. More than 85 per cent of tyre failures are due to this and the resulting increase in tempe­rature. Incorrect tyre pressure also leads to an uneven wear pattern and considerably affects the mileage of the truck tyres. The increased rolling resistance of underinflated tyres results in an increase in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This ultimately influences the vehicle stability in situ­ations critical to safety and increases the risk of accidents. “We developed TYLOGIC in cooperation with our Czech partner Auris, a company that has specialised in the development of software and hardware systems for trans­port companies for more than 25 years,” Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager at KRAIBURG Austria, explains.


Transparent and secure handling

The new TPMS from KRAIBURG focusses on the transparent and secure handling of tyre data. Whether vehicles with incorrectly inflated tyres, the reliable mileage detection, warnings of due maintenance intervals or the statistical evaluation of the actual mileage of tyres according to type are concerned – TYLOGIC provides all the status information to the fleet mana­gement and drivers. A GSM network collects the data, e.g. on maintenance tracking and tyre breakdowns, at regular intervals. These are transmitted to a database administrated by the fleet manager. On request all collected data are accessible for analysis purposes.


Easy to install and independent of tyre manufacturer

The TYLOGIC TPM system – unlike similar products – is a brand-indepen­dent system and is therefore suitable for all tyre types, sizes, positions, uses and vehicle models. It can be used for an unlimited number of tyres and is suitable for light and heavy commercial vehicles. Mounted on the rim, it works equally well for summer and winter treads. The standard version consists of six tyre sensors and a receiver unit. The sensors are mounted on the individual tyre rims. There, they measure the tyre inflation pressure and tem­perature in every tyre. TYLOGIC detects an inflation pressure deviation in any combination and also whether only one tyre or all six tyres simultane­ously are affected. The data are transmitted by radio-frequency signal (RF) to an electronic control unit (ECU). When the tyre pressure drops below a certain inflation pressure limit, the driver immediately receives an alarm. Hereby, the TPMS displays the tyre information in real time – everywhere, whilst travelling and parking. If the tyre inflation pressure or temperature deviate from the nominal values, TYLOGIC automatically alerts a preselec­ted circle of persons by SMS or e-mail, who can intervene rapidly and prevent unnecessary costs.


Maximum efficiency

Tyre failures are one of the most frequent causes of breakdowns, which generate high vehicle repair and breakdown service costs of an average 1,000 Euro (assuming one tyre failure per unit every five years). Incorrect air pressure also leads to an uneven wear pattern and considerably affects the mileage of the truck tyres. TYLOGIC not only prevents this; it also reliably and individually increases the mileage by the automatic tyre pressure and temperature monitoring. And it does so with a low investment effort but optimum cost-benefit effect. The right tyre pressure improves the drivers’ safety, on the one hand, and the mileage per gallon of the truck and the resulting emissions, on the other hand. Almost two thirds of all commercial vehicles show a twelve-per cent deviation (approx. 1 bar) from the nominal tyre pressure. The TYLOGIC early-warning system offers users the opportu­nity to adjust the tyre pressure in good time and therefore reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by a lower rolling resistance. If the users discover a tyre with a mileage considerably below average, they are able to trace its performance curve, even if the tyre was fitted to several vehicles in different positions. This helps to specifically identify possible causes of improper use – a basis for effective service planning.


TYLOGIC is available in the Basic or Power version

The newly developed TYLOGIC TPMS is available as TYLOGIC Basic and as TYLOGIC Power. The Basic version contains one communication unit per truck and trailer with six sensors and assembly systems as well as a three-year web service contract. The Power version additionally has a power supply unit which works independently of the vehicle electrical system for five days and which is suitable for using on trailers. Both versions reliably provide greater economy and safety. Because they both put drivers and fleet mana­gers fully in the picture. Always and everywhere.

KRAIBURG Austria awarded EMAS certificate

Retreading specialist KRAIBURG Austria was officially awarded the EMAS certificate at the end of September. Gerold Schachner, Ecology Manager at KRAIBURG, received the certificate at an environment management conference in Vienna. It was presented by Chris­tian Holzer, Head of the Environment and Recycling Section, representing Austria’s Minister for Environmental Protection, Leonore Gewessler. With the European environment management system EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) which has been in existence for more than 25 years, com­panies are qualified to save resources intelligently and implement central en­vironmental aspects legally and transparently.


“For us, the EMAS certification is a first milestone in the implementation of our new environment strategy,” Gerold Schachner comments. The overriding goal to improve our environmental performance is based here on the premise “eliminate – reduce – compensate.” The focus here is on both the consump­tion of energy, raw materials and resources and the avoidance or reduction of emissions and waste. “We take our staff on board with specific basic and further training possibilities which aim at consolidating sustainable though and action in our company,” Johann Kammerstetter, the man responsible for quality and environmental management at KRAIBURG Austria adds.

KRAIBURG launches New Pattern Brochure 2021/22


Retreading specialist KRAIBURG Austria has published Pattern brochure 2021/22. In terms of content, the 34-page brochure, printed on recycled paper, is largely the similar to its predecessors. After the introductory explanations, both new pattern designs K708 and K727 are presented in detail, each on two double pages. Another double page is dedicated to the subject of sustainability and provides the most important information on conservation of resources, reduction of pollution and life cycle management in a clear, easily understandable form. This is followed by the proven overview of our current tread portfolio of the K_base, K_tech and K_plus series. Products which are only available on request are now identi­fied by a telephone symbol for the first time. There then follows a complete overview of all 3PMSF-certified patterns as a new element. This shows the customer everything at a glance and saves tiresome searching. On the follo­wing pages the designs for special applications as well as some information about KRAIBURG’s new, environmentally friendly spray solution Perivallon are to be found. The brochure finishes up familiarly with technical data and contacts.

KRAIBURG Austria steers the company towards a sustainable future

The retreading specialist introduces the EMAS III environmental management system

The global struggle for sustainability, conser­vation of resources and CO2 reduction to reduce global warming is one of the key problem areas of the present age. KRAIBURG has always strived to act in an environmentally responsible manner. The company’s day-to-day operations focus on innovative products and processes in various phases of the tyre life cycle. The Group is one of Europe’s biggest consumers of granu­lates and powders extracted from used tyres and re-used in high-quality products. And KRAIBURG Austria, as a material manufacturer for the retread tyre industry, is by definition an active contributor to the recycling of used tyres. But the company with its headquarters in Geretsberg in Upper Austria does not leave it at that. “It is absolutely essential that we undertake a realign­ment of our environmental policy," explains Managing Director Stefan Mayr­hofer. “We are convinced that the products and services of the future must be sustainable and we want to be a motor for sustainable solutions in the rubber industry.” KRAIBURG Austria has therefore set about defining key topic areas for current and future measures. Improvement of environmental performance will be based on the premise ‘eliminate – reduce – compen­sate’. "The primary question is whether we can avoid an environmental impact. If this is not the case, the focus will be on reduction. And if this is not feasible either, we will investigate suitable compensation measures,” Stefan Mayrhofer adds.


First milestone of the new environment strategy: EMAS III

The first milestone of the new environment strategy is the EMAS III certifi­cation which was successfully completed recently. The EU environment management system (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is based on ISO 14001 but includes additional requirements for an open dialogue with the public. KRAIBURG Austria will therefore be publishing an environment decla­ration with key indicators for environmental performance shortly.


Environmental aspects with a direct effect

At KRAIBURG, the consumption of electrical and thermal energy, consump­tion of raw materials and resources as well as emissions into the atmos­phere, among other things, were identified as key aspects with a direct en­vironmental impact. The use of electrical and thermal energy has a significant impact on environmental performance and these forms of energy are responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions at the Geretsberg site. For economic reasons, the company has always paid attention to minimisation. In the future, the switch to ‘green power’, but above all a further reduction in energy demand should contribute to the continuous improvement of environ­mental performance, for example through energy-saving equipment and process optimisation.


The majority of raw materials used (>90%) is used for product manufacturing at KRAIBURG Austria. Auxiliary and operating materials (e.g. packing materials) play a minor role but are nevertheless continuously analysed for optimisation potential. To this end, the company will in future examine the raw materials of various manufacturers or suppliers with regard to their environmental impact. Another key indicator is the company's carbon foot­print, which external experts will now determine annually in order to monitor the targeted improvements. In parallel, KRAIBURG Austria is committed to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions by participating in the international "Science Based Targets" initiative (science-based approach to limit global warming to a maximum of 2° Celsius).


Environmental aspects with an indirect effect

To manufacture products, KRAIBURG uses natural rubber as the most important material on the one hand and mainly synthetic, oil-based raw mate­rials on the other. Meanwhile, the tyre industry, as the largest consumer of natural rubber, is striving to ensure sustainable production. To this end, the initiative GPSNR (Global Platform For Sustainable Natural Rubber) was founded, which, among other things, works to ensure that no further rain­forest areas are sacrificed. KRAIBURG supports this initiative and is a member of the GPSNR. At the same time, the company sees it as a key task in the development of its tyre compounds to achieve continuous improve­ments in the parameters of rolling resistance and mileage – taking into account the different vehicle types, areas of application and load situations as well as other relevant product properties, for example wet skidding proper­ties, winter properties and braking behaviour.


The rolling resistance of tyres has a major influence on the fuel consumption of vehicles. It is influenced, among other things, by the rubber compound of the tread, which is why a manufacturer of tread compounds can also make a difference here. A second essential factor is the mileage of the tyres: the higher the mileage of the tyres, the lower the material consumption. This helps to conserve resources used. In contrast to new tyres, retreads are not yet allowed to carry a tyre label for legal reasons, on which, among other things, information on rolling resistance is given. To enable consumers to compare different products, a tyre label for retread tyres is currently being developed at European level. KRAIBURG Austria is actively involved in the development of the guidelines in the relevant committees.


Motivated team as critical success factor

The company is aware that these ambitious goals can only be fully imple­mented if the staff are fully behind them. To this end, KRAIBURG Austria is now offering further education and training courses designed to anchor sustainable thinking and action in the company and to bring about changes through identification processes which employees can also implement at home. “An essential factor in the KRAIBURG success story was and is our unconditional commitment to development and innovation,” sums up Stefan Mayrhofer. "In this way, we will continue to set standards in the choice of raw materials, the development of new products and materials, and the use of innovative, "ecological" manufacturing technologies, thus steering the com­pany towards a sustainable future."


Official press release

For protection of employees and the environment

With Perivallon, KRAIBURG Austria is launching a water-based solution onto the market for the first time

Retreading companies are today facing great challenges with the constantly increasing demands on the operational safety, employee and environmental protection. These especially include the classic spraying or coating solutions for hot and cold retreads. These products con­tain petrol and are classed as hazardous goods which are subject to strict specifications and restrictions. This applies both for hazardous goods trans­ports and storage and for processing and disposal of the empty containers as special waste. There is now an adequate alternative: With “Perivallon”, KRAIBURG Austria is launching a water-based solution onto the market for the first time. This offers both ecological and economic advantages over the established solutions containing petrol.


The applied quantity of Perivallon is one tenth

Solvent vapours occur directly at the workplace when spraying on petrol solu­tion – a high and direct exposure for all employees. For maximum avoidance of risks for the team and the environment, extraction devices, protective clo­thing and regular measurements are legally prescribed. The new Perivallon contains no hydrocarbon solvents and is therefore less harmful to the en­vironment and employees. There is no longer any need for expensive and often difficult to organise hazardous goods transports and storage modali­ties. The disposal of empty containers is unproblematical. Plus the fact that the applied quantity of Perivallon is only one tenth of that of the conventional petrol solution which reduces storage space by 90 per cent. Precise dosing of Perivallon therefore makes a major contribution to avoiding waste. Another advantage is that maintenance and cleaning costs of spray booth, spray guns and filters are much lower. And, since health-hazardous and environmentally harmful vapours are no longer emitted, an extraction device, although recom­mended, is not absolutely essential. “The name `Perivallon` comes from the Greek and simply means `environment`”, Holger Düx, Sales Manager at KRAIBURG Austria explains. “We are happy, with this product, to be able to make an active contribution to the greatest good of any company, the health of their employees. At the same time, we avoid harmful emissions with com­parably good application results.”


High concentration – ten times the number of tyres

The application is extremely simple: KRAIBURG Austria supplies Perivallon in 20-litre canisters. Owing to the high concentration, ten times the number of tyres in comparison with the conventional petrol-based solution can be processed. Stirring or shaking is only necessary after long standstill times. It is applied using its own spray system including the appropriate spray head which ensures optimum dosing. Perivallon appears on the carcass initially as a whitish, milky film which becomes transparent within the five to eight-minute drying process. Both the material temperature and the room tem­perature should be at least 15°C during processing. Perivallon is available from March to the end of October. Protected from frost, it can be stored for nine months.

K708 and K727 – two new KRAIBURG traction designs

The retreading specialist has added two more patterns to its KRAIBURG plus product portfolio

Just in time for the summer, KRAIBURG Austria is presenting two new products in the pattern portfolio of the KRAIBURG plus series: K708 and K727. Both designs are available from July 2021 and can already be ordered in advance.

K708 plus – trouble-free passenger transport

The K708 is a modern all-season design for buses that has been developed primarily for city traffic. But it also gives a good performance in regional and overland traffic. Its optimised stipe design also makes the K708 a real winter specialist. It provides a really good grip, especially on snow and ice. The retreading specialist therefore recommends fitting it in the autumn. The stipe design also minimises the formation of sawtooth wear. The retread convinces overall with its modern design, whereby the arrangement of the tread blocks also considerably reduces noise emissions in operation. The rounded and closed shoulder protects the tyre from damage by snagging and kinking – an important advantage in city traffic with its tight radii and kerbsides. The all-round K708 pattern is available in three sizes – 240, 250 and 260 millimetres – with a depth of 22 millimetres.

K727 plus – safety through good grip

The new K727 is also a traction design in the K_plus version. Developed for use in regional traffic, it is also suitable for long-distance traffic. Deep and specially formed grooves in combination with a particularly aggressive shoulder design lend the K727 maximum traction properties even under extreme winter conditions – from the first ground frost to the last snow in the spring. In addition, the tread has an extraordinary damage resistance. The highly developed fixation of the tread blocks ensures low proper motion and high stability and therefore guarantees excellent driving comfort all year

round. The K727, which satisfies the demand for a safe driving feeling at all times, also achieves very good mileages. The depth is 20 millimetres, the currently available widths are 260 and 270 millimetres. The K727 is also prepared for fitting with spikes and has the appropriate ‘stud holes’.

Handing over the baton at KRAIBURG Austria

Thorsten Schmidt enters the passive phase of semi-retirement; Stefan Mayrhofer becomes the new CEO

Thorsten Schmidt, the long-standing CEO of KRAIBURG Austria, is leaving the operative company executive today to enter into the passive phase of his semi-retirement. After working continuously for 36 years in various positions for KRAIBURG Austria, the European retreading specialist, the 63-year-old is now preparing himself for his well-earned retirement. His lively career at KRAIBURG includes leading positions in Production, Technical Service and Sales. He was appointed CEO at KRAIBURG Austria in 2012. In this function, Thorsten Schmidt succeeded in not only maintaining the company’s market position with the high-quality products from KRAIBURG– especially for tyre retreads – in these economically demanding times, but also in strengthening and expanding it with further development and innovations. His thoughts and actions were always guided by customer orientation, pragmatism and creativity for the benefit of the staff and shareholders of the company that is today still run as a family business.

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Only minor effects after a fire at KRAIBURG Austria

A technical defect caused a fire in the vulcanization department at KRAIBURG Austria last night at the Geretsberg site in Upper Austria. The extent of the damage was limited to the location of the outbreak thanks to the rapid intervention of the staff and the fire brigade.
Fortunately, no one was harmed. Furthermore, at no point was there any danger to residents or the environment. One of two presses for the production of pre-vulcanized treads was affected by the fire. In this area there may be delays in delivery for some products. KRAIBURG will actively inform the customers concerned about possibly shifting delivery dates. The entire pro-duct range outside of the vulcanized tread range is not affected and continues to be available without restrictions and according to plan.

KRAIBURG Austria ends 2020 with a good balance

The retreading specialist reacted quickly and flexibly to the demands of the pandemic and confidently looks forward to 2021


KRAIBURG Austria can look back on a good 2020. The retreading specialist is closing with sales and turnover on a level with the previous year. In view of the exceptional global situation caused by the Corona virus pandemic, the company sees this result as a great success. Many factors have contributed to this: A widespread roll-on campaign disper­sed the initial uncertainties regarding possible delivery chain bottlenecks. KRAIBURG Austria also demonstrated its versatility and flexibility in times of crisis and immediately integrated hygiene measures at the Geretsberg site in March. Production could therefore be maintained continuously whilst guaranteeing the highest safety standards for all employees. Parallel to this, the company created home office and smart working capacities and asserted itself constantly as a reliable partner for customers with adequate services...

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Medina-Med: Success through quality and power of innovation

The Bulgarian retreader has been investing continuously for 30 years – KRAIBURG Austria is a long-time partner

The Bulgarian company Medina-Med has been writing a success story for 30 years. The cooperation partner KRAIBURG Austria has played a decisive role in this for almost 25 years. The retreading specialists from Upper Austria supported Medina-Med in the installation of the first retread plant for cold retreads in 1996. Since then they have joined forces on various projects. KRAIBURG Austria is currently supervising the expansion of the retread plant with the first hotcured truck retreads.

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KRAIBURG Austria helps to ensure transportation of goods

Retreading Specialist continues to supply quality material in the current situation – on-time and service-orientated

The Corona crisis presents a challenge – for almost all markets in Europe and the rest of the world. But tyres are system-relevant products. They ensure, for one thing, that goods trans­portation can be maintained and that supply chains are not interrupted. They therefore contribute to securing basic supplies to the people...

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Support in Corona Times

KRAIBURG Austria donates masks to Red Cross

The current situation in Austria, Europe and the rest of the world makes it clear what jobs society cannot do without. Truck drivers spend hundreds of kilometres a day on the street to maintain the supply chain and to supply the people and the economy with all the necessary products. Supermarket employees tirelessly fill the shelves. To the system-relevant professionals belong, above all, the employees in healthcare which save lives on the “front lines” every day.

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KRAIBURG has revised Pattern Programme and AIS

The latest version is even more customer-friendly

By popular customer request, KRAIBURG Austria has optimised its Pattern Programme again. And, in addition, after several years has re-issued the Application Information System (AIS) in print form. The AIS poster shows the assignment of the patterns to the different areas of application at a glance and has proven to be a useful aid for production and sales...

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Safe on the road even under winter conditions

KRAIBURG Austria issues a new winter recommendation – including tips for retreaders and users

What is important in winter conditi­ons? What needs to be considered for driving safely in conditions with cold, black ice and snow? The current winter recommendation 19/20 from KRAIBURG Austria provides tips and advice...

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KRAIBURG Austria has optimised Pattern Programme

The current edition 19/20 opens with a description of the top sellers including mileage as well as winter and wet grip performance

“Drive it. Again.” But which pattern is most suitable for which use? The revised KRAIBURG Pattern Programme 19/20 enables retreaders to choose the best retread on 38 pages – guaranteed by the clear presentation of all the important details: Product line, i.e. K_base, K_tech or K_plus, core range with width and length specifications, axle position and, of course, recommendation for use. 

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Dream team K718 and K818 now available in all widths

The KRAIBURG Austria Designs give their best performance together

Introduced last year, KRAIBURG Austria’s own two K718 and K818 designs immediately became a dream team. So, the retreading specialist has now added the missing widths for both patterns. The K718 traction design is now available in 280 millimetres in addition to the 260 and 270 millimetre widths – both in the K_base and in the K_plus versions.

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KRAIBURG Austria in 2018: Sustainable growth in the fiercely competed market

Sales of premium hot blends increased once again - positive forecast for 2019

Despite all market developments, KRAIBURG Austria registered a pleasing sales plus for the business year 2018. The retreading specialist had a turnover of 75 million Euro. This corresponds to an increase of about twelve per cent in comparison with the previous year. The growth is again thanks mainly to the increased demand for premium compounds for mould cured retreads. Parallel to this, the sales figures for the quality precured retreads K_plus, K_base and K_tech could be maintained...

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Top designs from KRAIBURG Austria in new widths

The retreading specialist extends its product line for the K225, K718 and K818

KRAIBURG Austria’s K225 has been in successful use for many years now – in both the K_base and K_plus blend versions. The heavily siped block-type retread with open shoulders offers good self-cooling and optimum transfer of tractive forces on winter road surfaces. This design from the retreading specialist KRAIBURG Austria is now available in a width of 240 millimetres...

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Changing Over to KRAIBURG Quality Patterns

35 designs from the retreading specialist may now carry the 3PMSF pictogram

The retreading specialists from KRAIBURG Austria have made use of the summer time to fill up their warehouse with winter tread patterns. “We are expecting a great demand, above all, for our 35 designs which may carry the 3PMSF pictogram,” Christoph Priewasser, Product Manager at KRAIBURG Austria declares. This is the K702 for example...

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We are ready for the data protection basic directive 2018

Our customers and suppliers wants to know that their data are in safe hands with us. We have always guaranteed you the highest data protection standards. We will continue to do so in the future. However, what will change are the rules: With the EU-wide date protection basic directive (DSGVO), rules will be coming into force in all member states as of May 2018.

In the course of this procedure, we are asking you, whether you wish to receive our Newsletter as of May 2018. According to the new ruling, it is imperative that you explicitly agree to receiving it.

Please sign up for our newsletter!

We look forward to provide you with useful information first-hand.

Press Releases

Service to the customer pays off

In 2017, KRAIBURG Austria held their sales stable and achieved growth for the hot-cured compounds

KRAIBURG Austria can look back over a satisfactory business year 2017. The Upper Austrian retreading specialist achieved sales figures of 67.9 million Euro last year. This marks an increase of 13 per cent in com­parison with 2016 – mainly driven by passing on increased raw ma­terial prices...

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New 3PMSF labelling regulations now in force

KRAIBURG Austria has provided one of the first material supplier customers with documents and approved winter patterns

Since the 1st of January 2018, the manufacturer labelling of winter retreads for commercial vehicles and their trailers with the 3PMSF pictogram is mandatory. This applies when these retreads are used on public roads in Germany and certain other European countries. It means that customers of KRAIBURG Austria, the retreading specialist, need to expand their basic approval procedure in accordance with ECE-R 109...

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Neuregelung von De-­minimis für Deutschland in Kraft  

Für den Güterverkehr sind alle Profile von Runderneuerungsspezialist KRAIBURG Austria förderfähig

Das Förderprogramm De-­minimis schließt seit Anfang letzten Jahres auch runderneuerte LKW-­Reifen mit M+S-­Kennzeichnung und dem neuen Schneeflockensymbol (3PMSF) auf angetriebenen Achsen ein. Eine Neuregelung des Programms zum 1. Januar 2018 bringt nun für die Transportbranche in Deutschland wesentliche Änderungen mit sich...

mehr dazu...Pressemitteilung Jänner 2018

New KRAIBURG quality pattern K704

KRAIBURG Austria has brought out a new design.

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KRAIBURG Austria invests in the Spanish market

The retreading specialist impresses with products and services  

KRAIBURG Austria intensifies its activities in the Spanish market. After Alessandro Bottesini was appointed as the new sales manager in March, the Upper Austrian retreading specialist now offers extended technical support for its proven, high quality products. Experience shows that, for the retreading partners, this service has an extensive effect on the end users, since the retreading process must be continuously checked and improved in order to ensure KRAIBURG’s high-performance vulcanised treads and compounds...

read release August 2017

Third KRAIBURG "Retreading Summit Meeting"

The conference provided full information about current market conditions, performance of retreads and cost optimisation opportunities

More than 70 attendees from eleven European countries met from 23 to 25 June for the 3rd "Retreading Summit Meeting". This year, KRAI­BURG Austria organised the conference at the Hotel Gut Brandlhof, close to the Drive Technology Centre of the Austrian automobile, motor­cycle and touring club (ÖAMTC) in Saalfelden, Austria. Current business topics were discussed: Hans-Jürgen Drechsler, Director of the BRV, Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseurhandwerk e.V. (BRV – German Tyre Retail and Vulcanization Trade Association), and Stefan Mayrhofer, second Director of KRAIBURG Austria, gave an overview of the current legal and market position in Europe...

read release june 2017
Press Release - Spain

KRAIBURG Austria improves product range

Overview of designs currently featured in the new 2017/2018 pattern programme

The new issue of the KRAIBURG Austria pattern programme is now out. The retreading specialist has optimised its product range again this year in response to customer demand from several quarters. The core range has been streamlined to cater more precisely to the needs of the retreaders. Some tread lengths have been discontinued and others added. There are new additions in the 10-metre length, for example, in both the K77 range in the K_plus version and in the K208 range in the K_base and K_plus designs.

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Comunicado de mayo de 2017



Alessandro Bottesini Campos new KRAIBURG Sales Manager for Spain

Effective 1 March 2017, Alessandro Bottesini Campos, is as Sales Ma­nager responsible for the Spanish retreading market for KRAIBURG Austria. Campos, based in Valencia, has many years of experience in the field of retreading materials and, among other things, was respon­sible for the entry of the Brazilian producer Vipal into the European market. "I am looking forward to the new challenge and the cooperation with one of the leading European suppliers of retreading materials," Campos comments on his new activity. "We see great potential in the Spanish market for KRAIBURG that we want to develop together with Alessandro and wish him all the best and much success in his new field of responsibility," adds Holger Düx, Head of Sales for retreading mate­rials at KRAIBURG Austria.

Press release march 2017
Comunicato stampa marzo 2017
Comunicado de prensa marzo 2017

KRAIBURG extends 3PMSF product range

Performance tests on retreads demonstrate excellent traction

The "3PMSF" (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) tyre symbol has been certifying enhanced traction and braking action for a good year now because it is now linked under ECE-109 R Annex 7 for the first time with a performance text on retreads and says far more than the classic "M+S" based on classifications devised by the manufacturers. KRAIBURG Austria has subjected seven more winter patterns to a 3PMSF test in order to enhance the competitiveness of truck retreads. The designs in question were the K47, K54, K207, K208, K224, K701 and the K702. The results are impressive: all the patterns of the retrea­ding specialist demonstrate at least 25 per cent better traction than ...

Press release 02/2017

De-minimis: Auch KRAIBURG-Profile werden gefördert

Ein neuer Folder informiert über die entsprechenden Designs und Dimensionen


Für 2017 hat sich KRAIBURG Austria erneut zum Ziel gesetzt, den Markt mit Qualität und Service zu überzeugen. Damit will man nicht zu­letzt eine schlagkräftige Antwort auf die Neureifen-Billigimporte aus Chi­na geben. Hoffnung für die Branche gibt das erweiterte De-minimis För­derprogramm. Ab 2017 werden nun auch runderneuerte Lkw-Reifen mit M+S-Kennzeichnung und dem neuen Schneeflocken­symbol („3PMFS“) auf angetriebenen Achsen bezuschusst. Beim KRAIBURG-Sortiment gilt dies für folgende Designs: K47, K54, K74, K202, K204, K208, K213, K215, K224, K225, K227, K228, K700, K701 sowie K702. In die gene­relle Förderung fallen ... 

Pressemitteilung Jänner 2017

KRAIBURG Austria extends product range

New K227 design and further widths for K801 and K702 available now. The popular K225 traction pattern is now also available in a "lightweight" version as the K227. KRAIBURG Austria has reduced the tread depth by 4.5 mm to 17 mm, ...


KRAIBURG Austria Winter Design Recommendation 2016/2017

KRAIBURG Austria has now released its winter design recommendation for 2016/2017. The retreading speci­alist ...

Press Release October 2016
Winter Design Recommendation 2016/2017

New quality patterns for efficient performance

KRAIBURG Austria has developed a new city bus design, the K702 plus, and is bringing out a new width of the best-selling K801. It's nearly time to change the tyres again – and so KRAIBURG Austria has brought out... 

Press Release August 2016

Exhibition REIFEN

KRAIBURG Austria emphasises the advantages of tyres with a second life – in terms of looks and Facts. "Retread into the future" – at this year's REIFEN from 24 to 27 May in Essen everything revolves around the per­formance of retreads at KRAIBURG Austria. To emphasise this in terms of looks too the com­pany is presenting almost its entire range of patterns this year. Roughly 60 life-size graphics from 1.70 to 0.35 metres are hanging from the ceiling showing designs from the K_base, K_tech and K_plus ranges from both sides. Large-format posters hanging highly visible behind the counter indicate the main themes: More mileage. More safety. More traction. More value for money. 

Best-selling K 225 product line now complete

KRAIBURG Austria offers four more widths. It is almost four years since KRAIBURG Austria launched the K 225 design. The in-house development ...

Press release march 2016

More mileage! More traction! More safety!

New advertising campaign launched by KRAIBURG Austria tells it like it is. Retreads are not inferior to new tyres in any way. ...

Press release march 2016

KRAIBURG Austria extends product range

The Austrian retreading specialist has added another high-performance product to its range ...

Press release

"Pro Retreading"

KRAIBURG runs customer workshop in Czech Republic. Following on from the second KRAIBURG summit, KRAIBURG Austria invited ...

press release october 2015
tisková zpráva

Juli 2015

KRAIBURG Austria unterstützt die BRV-Aktion "Runderneuert mit Qualität"

March 2015

KRAIBURG Austria invests in new buffing line
KRAIBURG Austria will be investing in its machinery again this year. The retreading specialist has earmarked four million euro for Investment.

October 2014

Austrians successful in the snow
Five selected KRAIBURG designs prove excellent traktion an braking properties as Winter retreads

June 2014

KRAIBURG celebrates half a century at the Geretsberg site
Retreading specialist Looks back over five successful decades and gears up for the next generation.

May 2014

The Original at the REIFEN Fair
KRAIBURG Austria presents 50 years and new designs: in the Galeria, Booth GA 109
more ...

March 2014

New KRAIBURG Trailer Design K 800 / KLT 1
KRAIBURG Austria adds further own developments and additional widths to its Portfolio.