Our active contribution!

Environmental protection is, besides high standards of quality and service, a basic component of our company philosophy:

That is why, for example, around 40,000 tons of used rubber are recycled annually.

Rubber dust and vulcanized rubber waste are processed by KRAIBURG’s plant in Tittmoning/Bavaria, where it is transformed into new products.

In addition our main business takes account of environmental protection in general, of course: New life for tyres. Whether retreaded in mould cure or precure – the use of retreads is environmentally friendly and costefficient.

Retreading saves over 500,000 tons of crude oil in the EU every year.

  • When the tread has worn off, only about 20 % of the tyre is used up.
  • The casing which represents about 80 % of the tyre's value, can be re-rubberised for a "new tyre life".
  • Producing a truck or bus tyre requires about 60-80 kg of rubber mixture. Retreading the tyre takes only about 15-20 kg of rubber – only a quarter of it.
  • Producing a car tyre requires about 28 litres of crude oil. To retread a car tyre, on the other hand, only 5.5 litres of oil are needed – one-fifth of it.

Retreading reduces tyre budgets!

  • Retreads save the user a great deal of money, since they will do about the same mileage as new tyres, but cost only 45-60% of the price of a comparable new tyre.
  • While retreading does not eliminate the need to dispose of old tyres, it does delay it considerably. This helps to keep down the fast-growing costs of disposal and takes the pressure off landfills.

Quality Management System
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Environmental Management Certificate
Environmental Management ISO 9001