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for the earth-mover retreading process

The earth mover retreading process requires extensive and very specific know-how. Not only due to the high demand there are always supply gaps in the earth mover tyre industry. Depending on the conditions or equipment of the retreading company, the economic factors and other dependencies – such as casing availability – each case requires a different process.
We are your partner – for all processes:

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Earth-mover treads

Whether as a camelback or feeding strip for the strip-winding extruder, with the earth mover tread compounds from KRAIBURG, the retreaded machines cope even with the toughest applications. Whether in the scree slope, the stone quarry, or in coal and ore mines. Whether on mobile cranes, gantry cranes or the garbage dump. Our earth mover compound range offers solutions for all applications and application conditions in retreading.

EM tear-off lining strips: for covering with the extruder using the stripwinding process

Earth mover camelback: for the precise building in preparation for the heating mould

Tread plate: to compensate for circumferential or WzW fluctuations

Earth-mover baserubber

KRAIBURG earth mover base rubber are specially adapted for use on tyres with rim sizes from 25" to 63". The improved structural strength ensures - even with higher base layer thicknesses - a secure connection between the casing and the tread.

For bulding in the strip-winding process, also suitable for manual coating of the preheating rolling mill


KRAIBURG sidewall pad for pre-cure and mould-cure retreading process can be used to provide excellent coverage for complete sidewalls or just repair points in the sidewall area. Due to the perforation of the sidewall pad, gap forms can be avoided.

Sidewall veneer: for the refurbishment of the sidewall in the mould-cure retreading process, excellent flow properties

Sidewall feeding strips: For covering with the sidewall extruder

Retreading cement

Our rubber solutions ensure an excellent initial tack during the manufacturing process.

Petrol-containing retreading cement for painting or spraying

Release agent

When used regularly, KRAIBURG mould release agents are very well suited for extending cleaning cycles and maintaining good flowability in the mould. In the pre-core retreading process, the release agent ensure good care of the inserted envelopes and hassle-free fitting and unwrapping of the tyres.

PROMOL PK: for spraying the heating mould

PROMOL 1265: for spraying the heating mould, can also be used in pre-cure retreading process for envelopes

Tyre color

The KRAIBURG tyre color gives your "retreaded" the visual finishing touch and makes every tyre "shine" in a rich and semi-gloss black.

For a perfect finish of the retreaded, suitable for spraying and painting

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