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for the mould-cure retreading process

Mould-cure retreading is suitable for many tyre applications. In addition, the mould-cure retreaded tyre has the look of a new tyre. The tread material will be connected with the tyre sidewall and pressed hot into the tyre mold. In this heating press, the shape and profile is created.


Whether as a raw tread or a feeding strip for the strip-winding extruder - at KRAIBURG you will get exactly the tread that meets your requirements. Our extensive range of compounds includes solutions for all areas of applications of the tyre and all application conditions in retreading.

Feeding strips: for covering with the extruder using the stripwinding process

Camelback: for precise assignment for the heating mould

Tread plate: to compensate for circumferential or WzW fluctuations

Upholstery rubber

With KRAIBURG upholstery rubber, you are always on the safe side. Natural rubber from selected plantations with sustainable cultivation (GPSNR), state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and unsurpassed consistency make our upholstery rubber products so trustworthy. Both in processing and in use – with KRAIBURG upholstery rubber, you always make the right choice.

Upholstery rubber pad: for manual coating of the carcass, 100% NR compound for the perfect connection of tread material to the carcass

Upholstery rubber feeding strips: 100% natural rubebr compound for the perfect connection of tread material to the casings


With KRAIBURG sidewall materials, you can achieve the best results in the retreading of sidewalls. Due to the excellent flow properties, even the finest structures in the sidewall shape are completely achieved. The high dynamic durability, excellent cut resistance and good ozone and aging protection ensure trouble-free use throughout the tyre's life.

Sidewall veneer: for the refurbishment of the sidewall in the mould-cure retreading process, excellent flow properties

Sidewall feeding strips: For covering with the sidewall extruder

Profile filler strip

The KRAIBURG profile filler strip, which are available in different dimensions, can be used to build kerbing rib for bus tyres as well as to carry out small width corrections in the shoulder area.

For the construction of kerbing rib in the side wall

Retreading cement

Our rubber solutions ensure an excellent initial tack during the manufacturing process. In addition to the conventional petrol-containing rubber solution, which we offer in concentrations of 10%, 12% and 17%, we can also provide the water-based latex solution PERIVALLON (Greek for "environment") in our range. If you would like to get to know this product, please contact our sales or service team at any time.

Rubber solution: petrol-containing retreading cement for painting or spraying

PERIVALLON: water-based latex solution without solvent additives containing petrol – the sustainable and harmless alternative

Mould release agent

When used regularly, KRAIBURG mould release agents are very well suited for extending cleaning cycles and maintaining good flowability in the mould.

PROMOL PK: for spraying the heating mould

PROMOL 1265: for spraying the heating mould, can also be used in pre-cure retreading process for envelopes

Tyre color

The KRAIBURG tyre color gives your "retreaded" the visual finishing touch and makes every tyre "shine" in a rich and semi-gloss black.

For a perfect finish of the retreaded, suitable for spraying and painting

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