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for the pre-cure retreading process

As Europe's largest specialist in retreading material, KRAIBURG Austria produces quality material for the pre-cure retreading process: the compound and profile are tailored to the application and your individual requirements.

Here you will find the right material!


The product lines K_base, K_tech and K_plus reflect our many years of experience, our mixing expertise and our design know-how. The entire range of treads includes solutions for all applications and requirements. Browse through the individual product lines or use our Tread-Finder to quickly and specifically search for the treads that we recommend for your requirements.

Cushion gum

With KRAIBURG cushion gum, you are always on the safe side. Natural rubber from selected plantations with sustainable cultivation (GPSNR), state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and unsurpassed consistency make our cushion gum products so trustworthy. Both in processing and in use – with KRAIBURG cushion gum you always make the right choice.

Cushion gum rope: For filling grinding hoppers with the hand extruder

Calandered cushion gum: For manual covering of  casing or tread

Cushion gum feeding strips: For extruder assignment using the CTC (Cushion To Casing) process


Even a "pre-cure-retreader" can be a visual eye-catcher. With the KRAIBURG sidewall veneer precure, you can achieve the best results in the partial or complete refurbishment of the sidewalls. And if that's not enough for you, inquire our K_side mould. The K_side technology offers the possibility to customize the tire sidewalls - with or without kerbing rib - exactly what you want.

Sidewall veneer precure: for the refurbishment of the partial or complete sidewall using the pre-cure process

K_Side: Moulds for the creation of an individual sidewall design using the pre-cure process

Retreading cement

Our rubber solutions ensure an excellent initial tack during the manufacturing process. In addition to the conventional petrol-containing rubber solution, which we offer in concentrations of 10%, 12% and 17%, we can also provide the water-based latex solution PERIVALLON (Greek for "environment") in our range. If you would like to get to know this product, please contact our sales or service team at any time.

Rubber solution: petrol-containing retreading cement for painting or spraying

PERIVALLON: water-based latex solution without solvent additives containing petrol – the sustainable and harmless alternative


KRAIBURG inner and outer envelopes are characterized by a particularly high durability, excellent dimensional stability and high resistance to mechanical damage. The reduced weight of the employees protects the physical strain on the employees.

Inner envelope: easy handling, excellent fit, highly durable

Outer envelope: resistant, dimensionally stable, durable

Venting pad

The precisely fitting and dimensionally stable KRAIBURG venting pads, which are mounted exactly under the valve of the outer envelope, enable rapid and unobstructed venting of the envelope system.

Available in three different sizes, dimensionally stable and durable.

Couplings and valves

KRAIBURG couplings and valves ensure a secure and tight connection to the vacuum or differential pressure system on the autoclave.

Perfect and robust connections to the KRAIBURG envelope system

Envelope release agent

In order to increase the stability times of envelopes and to simplify their handling, regular care and preservation of the separating effect are important.

PROMOL 1265: for spraying or coating KRAIBURG casings, particularly economical

Rhenodiv: for spraying or coating KRAIBURG casings, prevents co-vulcanization

Tyre color

The KRAIBURG tyre color gives your "retreaded" the visual finishing touch and makes every tyre "shine" in a rich and semi-gloss black.

For a perfect finish of the retreaded, suitable for spraying and painting

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